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From this page, you can view all of the Custom Action Hooks that belong to the selected Custom Action. You can also decide on the enabledness of Custom action lifecycle events.

Custom Action Hooks List

Custom Action Hooks are individual precompiled classes with specific methods that reside in a Dynamic Link Library (dll) uploaded into the system during Custom Action creation. A Custom Action Hook is triggered when an associated Action button is clicked, and is defined by its namespace, class name and action hook type.

Setting Enabled By Property

You can set enabled by property for only Custom action lifecycle events. This property indicates whether the custom action hook will run at the specified point(s) of the calculation process. This can be configured as Always or Never to indicate whether the custom action hook is to be enabled or not.

Alternatively, if there are any Boolean Single Named Ranges (SNR) in the underlying workbook (i.e. ranges pointing to a single cell that evaluates to TRUE or FALSE), the enabled-ness of the after all calculations custom action hook can be configured to reflect the value of that named range using the 'By Value Of' setting.