Extract/Import Application

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Extract/Import Application

Extract Application

Extract feature provides a copy of the underlying file of a designer application for backup or copying purposes. When logged in as an admin user, you’re going to be able to Extract a designer application from the designer interface. The extracted file is a document with *.des extension.

When you press the Extract button, you will get a file with *.des extension. You can then create a new designer application, and use the Import feature to upload the designer file.

Import Application

Important Note: This will completely overwrite the current application. Only perform this action if you are comfortable or familiar with the premise. Also note that saved records in the original application will not carry over.

Upload a full image of another application extracted from this server or a separate server on top of the current application. To do this, you must first Extract the designer file (*.des) of an application. Please note that the Extract and Import buttons are only available to admin-level users.

Click the Import button to begin the importing process. Select from or drag-and-drop your file to the Import File box. When the upload is complete, press the Import button to update your application.