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Text Resource Editor

The Text Resource editor allows you to override any runtime text that will be displayed within published application, such as splash screen contents and messages.

Runtime Texts

Runtime texts are a cumulative set of all static system text that may be displayed in your application at runtime (once published). You can modify this text on an application-by-application level by pressing the Edit Runtime Text button in the Designer Home Page.

All active overrides for the web application are listed inside of the grid on this page. Errors, data validation, and splash screen messages can be modified with a custom text by creating new items in the list. To add a runtime message, click Add.

Select from any of the system messages using the Key dropdown. The default system message will be displayed in the Value field. Modify the Value text however you'd like and press Save Changes. This will replace the default system message with the text that you entered and this item will be displayed in the Edit Text Overrides grid.

To modify an existing override, select that item and press Edit in the grid.

To remove an override, press Delete after selecting it in the grid. Removing an override will return that key to its default value.