Connector Designer

connector 3rd party services


The Connector Designer allows you to connect your designer application to third-party online services. Depending on the type of service, these integrations may be utilized in a variety of ways, including button event binding or association with existing events.

Creating and Editing a Connector

To create a connector, simply click the Add Connector button from the Connector Designer page.

This will take you to the Select Connector page, where you can choose which type of a connector you want to create.

Adding Connector into an Action Button

For applicable connectors, you can execute their integration from a single button by selecting them from the Events selection of the button in the User Interface Designer. When the button is pressed, any active connector tasks will be executed, in conjunction with standard events.

Please note that some connector-related events may also depend on other events, such as Save. In these cases, the dependent events will be added to the button automatically upon selection of the connector event. For example, the Stripe Connector requires a save process since it is designed to operate together with the Save functionality.