Email Process Designer

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The Email Process Designer allows for the creation of email processing tasks that can be associated with button controls. For example, the system can send notification emails when a user creates a new record, edits an existing record, or generates a PDF from the application.

Creating and Editing an Email Process

To create an email process, simply click on the Add Email Process button from the Email Process Designer page. This will take you to the Add Email Process page where you can configure the contents of the email to be sent.

Existing email processes can be edited by clicking their corresponding boxes on the Email Process Designer page. To delete an email process, simply press the Delete button that appears when you mouse-over an existing email process.

Adding Email Processes into an Action Button

You can execute any number of email processes from a single button by selecting them from the Events selection of the button in the User Interface Designer. When the button is pressed, all active email processes will be triggered.