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Queries module is where you can create database queries to retrieve data from web applications and data maps. Queries can be created with the help of a selection-based user interface and you can bind these queries to named ranges to be used in runtime calculations.

What is a Query?

A Query consists of a data model and a query statement. The data model comes from the underlying data structure of the selected application for which the query is being created. A query statement is an SQL statement which is created in the background based on column selections and conditions. You don't need any knowledge in creating database queries through coding.

How to Create a Query?

The Queries submodule can be found under the Names module, which can be accessed from the application home page. In the Queries page, press Add Query to begin creating a new query. On the Generate Query page, you can choose from available applications and data maps from the Application dropdown. Please note that this list only contains applications that have a database created. When you make a selection,

  • The page will refresh, and you will see the Query Editor.
  • Entities panel contains the table and column information for the selected application or data map.
  • On the Conditions pane, you can add restrictions for the data being displayed.
  • A named range selection should be made from the Bound to Named Range dropdown, which is going to be filtered based on to the selected query.

For more information on creating queries, please see the Generate Query page.