Excel Export Designer

excel export


An Excel Export consists of a single Excel file that will be utilized as a template in order to produce a single Excel output. The Excel Export Designer allows for design of template-based spreadsheet generation, which can then be triggered through Action buttons in the user interface. The system allows for the creation of separate Excel exports for a given application and you can assign any number of these Excel exports to an Action button.

Each Excel export will consist of a single Excel file (*.xlsx) which will be used as a template. The execution of the Excel export will occur when a corresponding ACtion button that is defined to trigger the process is clicked.

The process itself consists of replacing named ranges in the source file with dynamically mapped values from the web application. The mapping process is further outlined in Export Ranges section. The final result can then be:

  • Flushed to the user for immediate download
  • Appended into an email process (further details in the Email Designer section)
  • Saved into a linked Dropbox account (further details in the Connector Designer -> Dropbox Connector section)

Creating an Excel Export

To create a new Excel export, simply click on the Add Excel Export button.

More information on generating Excel exports can be found in Excel Export Generation section of the help pages. The created Excel export will act as the baseline for the Excel eport generation and will be added to the list of Excel exports. You will also note that this Excel export will become selectable from the Action selection of a button in the User Interface Designer once this process is set up.

Adding Excel Exports into an Action Button

You can execute any number of Excel exports from a single button by selecting them from the Events selection of the button in the User Interface Designer. When the button is pressed, all active Excel exports will be triggered.