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The Google Sheets Connector can create a connection between a Designer application and Google Sheets spreadsheets. You can append rows into an existing Google Sheets document using this connector.

Once the Google Sheets Connector is created in the Designer application, it can be added into an Action Button from the Events property of the Action Button in the User Interface Designer.

You need to have access to a Google account before you can use the Google Sheets Connector. If you have Google account, and need to create a new connected application, follow the steps below.

  1. Log into Google console
  2. Enable Google Sheets API
  3. Enable Google Drive API
  4. Create OAuth tokens using this wizard


The section below will outline the properties for the Google Sheets Connector.


The Name is simply a friendly identifier provided to the connector to help you subsequently identify this instance from other events.

Client Id & Client Secret

You can obtain these keys from the Google API console. Please see the following page for more information on how to set up a Google application. How to create a google application

The SpreadsheetWeb designer application will use these keys to communicate with Google Sheets

Once you click the Authorize button, you will be directed to your Google Sheets account to authorize the application, and then directed back to SpreadsheetWeb. If your application is successfully configured on Google Sheets, you will see the "Your application is authorized" message.


All active Google Sheets spreadsheets under your account will be listed here. Select the spreadsheet you want to use to connect to your Designer application.


Worksheets active on your Workbook spreadsheet will be listed here. Select the sheet you want to use to append data from SpreadsheetWEB.

Enable Type

Choose one of the modes below for setting up the Google Sheets connector

Connector is enabled.
Connector is disabled.
By Value Of
Connector is enabled by the value of a named range in the underlying Excel workbook.

Google Sheets Connector Inputs

In this grid, you can customize the inputs available in the selected Google Sheets worksheet. When the user clicks the Action Button associated with the Google Sheets Event, the calculation results for the selected named ranges will be sent to the Google Sheets service.

Sequence Id

The order of the data column.

Column Name

The first row content of the active columns in the selected worksheet of the Google Sheets application.

Named Range

The value of this named range will be pulled from the Designer application during runtime, and will be sent to Google Sheets API as an input.