Edit Excel Export Ranges

excel export range mapping

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The Edit Excel Export Ranges page allows you to map named ranges in the Excel based template against the named ranges that you would like dynamically injected into the corresponding named range.

Mapping Named Ranges

Named ranges in the uploaded excel file while creating the Excel export will be automatically recognized and saved to the system. In this page you need to map the named ranges that you want to be replaced with named ranges from a list of compatible named ranges. Each detected named range from the Excel template will occupy a row on the corresponding grid. This page can be accessed by pressing Edit Export Ranges button in Edit Excel Export page.

Column Name Purpose
Active This indicates whether or not this named range is active and should be substituted at runtime (i.e. whether this value in the exported Excel file should be replaced with a named range value). This can be de-activated if you don't want this named range to be replaced.
Key This is a unique value indicating the named range name in the Excel export.
Named Range This constitutes the named range whose value the template named range will be replaced with. This is effectively the mapping between the workbook and its named ranges to the output file.
Overwrite Formula Overwrite formula property for an export range will determine if existing formula in the source Excel file will be overwritten during Excel export generation. This property is only available for export ranges which contain a formula and the default value for this property is false.

The type of the replaced value will be inferred from the source Excel file and the named range type coming from the application. The height and width of mapped ranges should be the same so the name range list reflects this constraint.