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Stylesheets allow you to modify the appearance of your applications, such as the formatting, colors, and padding, using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) selectors and properties.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) defines how each element of your application will be rendered on a web browser. User interface components such as containers, inputs, or formatting can be customized by overriding the default designer style parameters via new stylesheets. All active stylesheets will be displayed under the Stylesheets box.

You can choose from a range of pre-built style templates (courtesy of Bootswatch and slightly modified to adapt to the standard Designer style).

Alternatively, you can defined your whole CSS from scratch, or utilize one of the existing themes to get started but make your own modifications to match your desired aesthetic.

Selecting Pre-Defined Stylesheet

You can select from our pre-defined stylesheets for the designer application.

Once you select a stylesheet, the CSS code will appear under the Stylesheet section. You can modify this code however you'd like or create your own from scratch.

Creating Stylesheets

The Designer stylesheet CSS editor is comparable to generating CSS for utilization in any web application. All CSS properties and selectors are valid for utilization in your stylesheet. For more information and tutorials regarding the creation of stylesheets, please visit the w3schools website.

To create a new stylesheet, simply click on the Add Stylesheet button.

Editing Stylesheets

To edit an existing stylesheet, simply click on the stylesheet container with the name of the stylesheet that you would like to modify.

Deleting Stylesheets

To delete an existing stylesheet, simply click on the Delete button in the upper right-hand corner of the stylesheet while hovering over the container.

Note that deleting a stylesheet is a permanent action. The stylesheet will not be recoverable (unless it was published on a previous transaction and the current transaction is deleted/restarted).

Ordering Stylesheets

The order of the stylesheets is preserved while loading up applications. This means the bottommost style will have the highest precedence. You can drag and drop stylesheets to change the order.