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The Page Designer displays all of the active pages in your web application. You can create, edit, or delete existing pages, as well as re-order the pages for display within the finalized navigation bar (provided that you have one enabled).

Home Page

By default, the Home Page is the first page created for an application and is automatically generated when the application is created. This page is signified by the Home icon below. Additional pages are displayed with the Sheet icon below.

The Home Page will be the landing page for your application: it will be the page that is first displayed when a user opens your final published application.

To set one of the other pages as your Home Page, simply hover over the item and click on the Home button. ( Home )

This action will set that page as the new Home Page while the existing one is deselected.

An application can only have a single Home Page, and each application must have a Home Page selected. Deleting a Home Page will result in the next available page becoming the new Home Page.

Page Actions

You will find an overview of the available page actions below.

Adding a Page

To add a new page, you can either:

  1. Click the Add New button that is found at the bottom of the Page Designer page list, or
  2. Click the link for creating a page that is found on the Home screen under the Page Overview section.

By default, the new page will be ordered at the bottom of the list of existing pages, indicating that it will be shown after all of the pre-existing pages.

Re-ordering Pages

You can change the order of the pages by dragging and dropping them to a different spot in the list below. The order of pages will - in part - determine the flow of the application. In the navigation bar that is generated for the published version of your application, the pages will be listed in the order that you define below.

In a top-oriented navigation bar, they will be in order from left to right. In a left-oriented navigation bar, they will be in order from top to bottom. If you do not intend to use a navigation bar, then the order provided below will not have any effect upon your final published application.

Selecting a Page

The Designer allows users to edit a single page within the User Interface Designer at a given point in time. The page that you are currently editing is recognized as the selected page. The selected page can be changed in a number of ways:

  1. Hovering over one of the pages in the Page Designer and clicking on the Select button. ( Select )
  2. Using the Properties menu in the User Interface Designer while no control is selected and choosing a different page from the Quick Navigation menu.
  3. Selecting a page from the list that is found on the Home screen under the User Interface Overview section.

Upon entering the Designer, the default selected page will be the current Home Page.

Editing a Page

To edit the specific properties of a page, you can either:

  1. Hover over one of the pages in the Page Designer and click on the Edit button. ( Edit )
  2. Select a page from the list that is found on the Home screen under the Page Overview section.

The properties of a given page are detailed in the Edit Page help section.

Deleting a Page

A page can be deleted by hovering over the page in the Page Designer and clicking the Delete button. ( Delete )

Deleting a page is a permanent action and cannot be undone: all properties of the page, as well as all controls that were added to the page via the User Interface Designer, will be permanently deleted.

The Home Page cannot be deleted - in order to delete the Home Page, you must first select a different page as the Home Page.