Software Evaluation Form
Software Title
Evaluator's Name
Subject Area
Grade Level
1.Program Requirements: (Memory, Operating System, CPU):
2.Additional Hardware or Software Required:
3.Publisher:Publisher Web Site:
4.Vendor Name:Vendor Phone:
5.Vendor Address:Vendor Web Site:
6.Price of Program (Individual price, site license or network price?)
7.Is a network demo available?
8.What funds will be used to purchase the program?
9.Manuals and Support:
A. User’s Manual is available/included.
D. Technical support is available online.
B. User’s Manual is easy to understand.
E. Technical support by phone is available.
C. User’s Help is accessible within program.
F. Yearly support or maintenance fee is required.
10.Describe the program’s objectives related to district curriculum, state & national standards:
11.Describe how this software would improve your ability to complete specific job responsibilities
and/or increase student learning:
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly AgreeNot Applicable
12.Software supports existing curriculum.
13.Software adequately meets its objectives.
14.Software would make my job more effective.
15.Software is usable without reference manual or user help.
16.User can easily navigate between program screens.
17.Program allows user to correct errors.
18.Instructions are available on-screen and clearly written.
19.Graphics, media elements, & content are clear and appealing.
20.Incorrect use of keys/commands does not cause program to abort.
21.Software is age-appropriate in content & language.
22.Menus and other features make the program user friendly.
23.Bug free; program runs properly.
24.Software performs management tasks satisfactorily.
25.Program will be easily integrated into classroom curriculum.
26.Program uses real-life problems and/or authentic scenarios.
27.Program requires students to use higher-level critical thinking.
28.Tools for student assessment are provided and adequate.
29.Use of this software would require which level of computer skill?
Your recommendation - Please check one.