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Resulting Tax Deductions

STEP 2: Proposal
The proposal will provide additional information as well as the steps that would be needed to fully implement a Cash Balance Retirement Program.


(1) Businesses taxed as corporations must report total W2 compensation only. Unincorporated entities must report net earned income from businesses for the year.   
(2) The Suggested Distribution Date is a hypothetical date by which the owner may need to take distributions from the Cash Balance Plan in order to avoid a possible taxable reversion of plan assets to the company sponsoring the plan.  

Results are an ESTIMATE only.   

This online Cash Balance Plan Calculator uses a standard benefit formula and assumes an annual rate of return of 5%. Other types of benefit formulas may result in higher first-year contribution amounts or a wider range of acceptable annual contributions. These options are not available online, please contact Benetech if you would like to see if a different benefit formula could result in higher contributions. This proposal is not intended as tax, legal or financial advice. This hypothetical illustration is for informational purposes only and does not in any manner establish a contract or obligation between or by any parties, or guarantee any retirement benefits to any individual. In no case should contributions be made on the basis of this illustration. Benetech will calculate actual contribution amounts after verified census and employer data has been received after the end of the plan year.