The Above Figures are NOT Guaranteed

         .- Based on a ${{enter_purchase:Integer;#,##0}} purchase, Homebuyers will need ${{estimated_cash:Decimal;#,##0.00}} of their own funds in order to close.
         .- At its sole discretion, may decide to help Lenders in bringing Homebuyers to close with $0.00 out of pocket.
         .- Mortgage Approved United States Veterans holding VA Eligibility Certificates may always close with $0.00 out of pocket.
         .- Homebuyers Approved for a USDA Mortgage buying a Home in a USDA Designated Area may always close with $0.00 out of Pocket
         .- is NOT a Lender, this is neither an Offer to Lend, a Loan Approval, or Loan Denial. Some conditions apply.
         .- These figures are not offered by a lender, they pertain to Down Payment Assistance pre-qualification purposes only.
         .- These figures do NOT represent an offer, approval or Denial for Down Payment Assistance, they are meant for illustration purposes only.